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The Ford 8N - 1947 to 1952

The Ford 2N was replace by the the Ford 8N in 1947. Equipped with the Ferguson System three-point hitch and 4-speed transmission, the Ford 8N model was destined to become the top-selling individual tractor of all time in North America. The most noticeable differences between the 8N Ford tractor and 2N and 9N other then the new two color paint job was the inclusion of a 4-speed transmission instead of a 3-speed in the 2N and 9N, and an increase in both power take off (PTO) and drawbar horsepower.
john deere tractor
Ford tractor
Ford 8N
Ford 8N Farm Tractor

Ford 8N Replaces the 2N

Ford ended 2N production in July 1947 and 8N production took over. The 8N differed from the 2N in a number of way, The most visible differences came with the new paint scheme. The new Ford 8N lighter shade of gray sheet metal paint and the contrasting bright red cast iron instead of the darker all-gray paint of the older 9N and 2N tractors

Left  1947 Ford 8N
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Ford 8N Identifying Characteristics

The 1947 Ford 8N was the same as 2N except these changes

Compression ratio increased to 6.7:1 from 6:1
Four-speed constant mesh transmission instead of three-speed
Helical gears used through out transmission
Light gray sheet metal paint, red castings
Brake pedals both on right side
Both position-control and draft-control available
Recirculating ball steering replaced sector gear-type
Steering wheel position is raised
Flip-up seat and running boards added (for operation while standing)
Rounded rear wheels and small hub front wheels

Ford 8N Ad

Four cylinder, L-head, high compression engine designed and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Has removable, hardened steel dry type liners for greater accuracy and long wear. Water jackets extend full length of cylinders.
The Ford 8N transmission has four speeds forward and one reverse. Case-hardened, precision-ground, constant mesh helical gears are supported by tapered roller bearings. Result: a remarkably quiet, easy-to-shift, long life transmission.
The 8N Ford's Hydraulic pump, cylinder and piston are completely built-in and enclosed to keep oil in, dirt out. No external hose lines to get out of order. Less maintenance, easy operation, positive performance.
Spiral bevel gear drive with straddle - mounted pinion. Four-pinion differential mounted on tapered roller bearings. Semi-floating rear axle. The wheel and brake drum can be quickly removed for servicing the brakes if ever required.
Ford 8N Farm Tractor Standard Equipment
  Ford 8N Standard Equipment
HINGED GRILL - Swings down so that you can easily clean out chaff and dirt from the radiator core . . . a handy feature. Positive safety catch keeps it locked securely.

STANDARD DRAWBAR - Furnished with every Ford Tractor. Eleven holes in bar permit you to get correct line of draft. Also note clevis bracket under axle housing for attaching swinging drawbar and various types of equipment which were not designed to hitch to the tractor linkage or drawbar.

Bellow  Cutaway image of Ford 8N Farm Tractor
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  WHEEL SPACING - Front and rear wheels can be spaced, in four-inch steps, from 48 to 76 inches. Wheels on one side can be set wide, while wheels on opposite side are set narrow. Each wheel can be set in or out independent of the other wheels.
Ford 8N Farm Tractor Accessories and Optional Equipment
  Ford 8N Accessories Equipment
TRACTOR JACK - The Ford 8N tractor jack is one of the most ingenuous tractor accessories of it's day. The jack, at a touch of the Ford Hydraulic Control lever, lifts tractor off ground. Makes changing wheel widths easy. Ground plates as shown, available at extra cost, are necessary only if used on soft ground.

CYCLONE AIR CLEANER - Precaution for extra dusty conditions. Acts as a pre-cleaner for regular air cleaner. Turbine rotor throws heavy particles down into glass jar which is easily removed for emptying.
  Ford 8N (1950)
Argent front emblem replaced chrome emblem
Removable shift knob replaced knob cast with lever
Over/under auxiliary transmission offered by outside supplier
6.00x16 front tires become an option
Proof Meter tachometer appears at S/N290271

8N Ford (1951)
Ford script embossed on fenders and hood

8N (1952)
Improved rear axle seal (rear axle has a noticeable
bulge at the lower outer extremity)
The influence and impact the Allis Chalmers B had on future tractors and farming in general is immeasurable soon after the B was introduced the small size, and high power-to-weight ratio caught the attention of Henry Ford. He had a number of Allis Chalmers new tractor on his various farms when he began working on the 9N in 1938. Ford had already introduced many innovative ideas to the industry with the successful but outdated Fordson tractor. It is hard to deny that the success of the Allis B influenced Fords design of the small sized Ford 9N.

8n Ford Tractor Specs

Ford 8N Production


8n Ford Tractor Power

Production: 524,000 Drawbar 23.16 hp Weight 2500 pounds
Price: $1,404 PTO 27.32 hp Transmission Four Speed
Years Built 1947 - 1952 Engine Flat Head
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Used Tractors
 Ford NewHolland

Ford Motor Company purchased Sperry New Holland in 1986, forming Ford New Holland. This brought together in a single company the resources of one of the world's major farm tractor manufacturers and one of the largest producers of hay harvesting farm equipment. New Holland, Pennsylvania, became the world headquarters of the new company, within a year, Versatile Manufacturing, Ltd., of Canada, was acquired, adding to the company a highly respected line of high, horsepower four-wheel-drive tractors
First Ford Tractor

In an attempt to capitalize on the  Ford name and the publics anticipation of the first ford tractor A Minneapolis, Minnesota company beat Henry to the punch with the name " Ford Tractor ". For this reason the first real Ford tractor were called "Fordsons". The company did employ a man by the name of Ford, but the tractors were of poor quality and questionable availability and influenced the creation of the Nebraska Tractor Test. Ford Tractor . A group of promoters in Minneapolis hired a young man named Ford and brought out "The Ford Tractor" ahead of Henry Ford, although it was not a success. This was why Ford named his tractor "Fordson."
FORD 900

Ford 900

In 1955 Ford became a multiple-model farm tractor manufacturer for the first time. Ford's "900" tractor series, introduced in 1955, was historically significant as the company's first "tricycle" or row crop tractors. The Model 961 was a later edition of the series, appearing around 1959. It was of row-crop design and part of Ford's Powermaster line.  

Ford Model T Tractor
Thieman Harvester Company
In 1936 the first Thieman tractor appeared. The Ford Tractor conversion was like other kits that used their tractor chassis to which the customer fitted a Ford Model A engine, driveshaft, and rear axle. The Thieman chassis could also be supplied for the 1928 Chevrolet or the Dodge Four. The Thieman chassis was sold until the early 1940's.

Allis-Chalmers B
In 1947 the Cockshutt Plow Co. of Brantford, Ontario, Canada developed for their tractors live power take-off which continued to operate when the clutch was released. This was an important innovation; previously machinery operated by the regular p.t.o. would stop upon disengaging of the tractors clutch. Because of the importance of this development, it was not long until most U. S. tractor manufacturers fitted their farming tractors with a similar mechanism.


The Allis Chalmers B had a major influence and impact on Fords design of the small sized 9N. Soon after the B was introduced the small size, and high power-to-weight ratio caught the attention of Henry Ford. He had a number of Allis Chalmers new tractor on his various farms when he began working on the Ford 9N in 1938.
Allis Chalmers B Tractor Data  

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