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Companies had been putting backhoes on farm tractors with loaders for some time, but the backhoes were lightweight and the tractors were not intended to take the stress a hydraulic backhoe could dish out. No one had made a wheel tractor specifically designed for the backhoe, and it was not until Case introduced the Model 320 (industrial) Loader/Backhoe in February 1957 that such a unit became available. Construction Equipment
Construction Equipment
Used Equipment
top Prior to 1957 Backhoes and Loader where sold as separate units.. The Davis Company Backhoe / Loader demonstrate the attachment mindset. The company introduced such “firsts” as “step-in” loader design, box frame construction and revolving backhoe seat.

right Introduced in 1957 with great fan fair the Case 320 backhoe consisted of the Case 300 agricultural tractor chassis with a new torque converter designed in Racine, Case's agricultural-grade loader, and the American Tractor Company (ATC) backhoe.

bottom A 1958 Advertisement for the Davis backhoe and loader company, Despite being under Massey-Ferguson Industrial Division umbrella the ad states “ For All Tractor Types”. In 1968 J.I. Case Co would purchase Davis Mfg. Co that same year Case purchased Drott Mfg. Co.


Case Backhoe Beginnings
Mergers and buy outs continued into the 1950’s. At the time Case bought American Tractor Company (ATC) manufacturer of construction equipment and the Terratrac crawler line, Ferguson had just merged with Massey creating Massey Ferguson. These mergers often left the farm equipment dealers worried that they would lose their franchises.

  A number of dealers who sold American Tractor Company (ATC) Construction Equipment also sold Ferguson Farm Equipment Many of these equipment dealers attended the big equipment show that was being held for the Case people in the parking lot of American Tractor Company (ATC). The Case men brought their own equipment down to display for ATC. At this show a group of ATC people were looking at a Case 300 tractor, and they decided the ATC backhoe would fit well on it. That night they took the Case tractor into the shop and “jury rigged” by attaching the ATC backhoe to it. Their idea was not greeted with enthusiasm. They were told they had “mangled” the Case tractor. The Case people insisted that the Case 300 had never been built to withstand the strain a backhoe would put on it. When, the man responsible for the conversation, was asked why he had done it he replied, “If you’re going to have a merger make it a real merger and create an entire new line of products.

right Case center fold of a 1957 sales brochure. Case also announced the Case-o-matic transmission Click on image to enlarge

In 1957 Case Announced it's tractor line that boosted 12 power classes and 124 models. Releasing the first integrated backhoe loader promised the dealer a 12 months a year product line.
A Star Is Born Case Construction King
In 1960 Case introduced the 30 Series Construction King and an extensive line of matching equipment. A very popular machine was the 530 Utility tractor and a matching backhoe. The usual practice at that time was to also include a heavy duty front end loader, but these machines could be purchased as a `backhoe special' model. Instead of the front end loader, a special box-section frame terminated in a front counterweight box. Production of the 430 and 530 models ran from 1960 to 1967.
backhoe loader
In 1956 Case decide to enter the Crawler Dozer market and merged with American Tractor Company. ATC offered dozers with many feature others didn't offer. 3 point Hydraulic lift system, Interchangeable Gauges, Interchangeable Steel and Rubber Track Shoes
Case and ATC Merger
Case Merger with ATC placed the company firmly into the construction market.While some of the Terratrac crawlers went into agricultural service, the majority were destined to a life of construction work. In addition to single applications like dozer or bucket work, the Terratrac was adapted to forklift and backhoe duties. From these beginnings came the current line of Case construction machinery.
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Used Tractors
CASE Wheel Loader

Case Wheel Loader

Work on the wheel loader began before negotiations began with American Tractor Corp. The first 4 wheel drive W9 appeared in 1958
Case Model C

Case Model C

The Model C tractor was released in 1929 and continued until 1939
Case used this base model for many construction duties. Case catalogues offered graders, fork lifts, cranes, shovels and dozers turning the tractor into a construction work horse

CASE VA Series
Case Tractors
CASE VAC 1942-1955

The Case VAC Model became a well respected small Case tractor . Their superior design is evidenced by the fact that many are still in service. Case VAC Tractor

Case Forklift

Based on what became the most common  construction site tractor of it's day. The Construction King Forklift was a popular configuration

CASE 530
Construction Equipment
Case 530
First announced in 1960 the Case 530 tractor "Standard Tread" was the base tractor of the extremely popular 530 Construction King. The tractor offered the advantages of the 530 Construction King for drawbar applications. It was a popular tractor for pulling rollers, tampers, scrapers, trailers, and similar construction equipment
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