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1941 Case SC

When I found this tractor for sale only a few miles from my house I felt lucky and more likely then not it will probably be the rarest tractor I will ever stumble upon.

npaid bills and a need for my son to undergo shoulder surgery (gotta love those dirt bikes) has me selling this and other items I collected over the years.

For auction is a very rare 1941 Case SC. The Case S Series would become a popular Case tractor series with production numbers just under 84,000.In 1941 the first model SC were built, this first run of the SC line sported unique features that would be changed on all the following 13 years of production.

 What are the unique features?
These first 1941 Case SCís are referred to as Centerlines the exhaust and air cleaner are routed up and through the center of the chrome strip hood giving the tractor a very distinct streamlined look also the clam shell fenders are much more rounded and cover more of the tire. The fenders resemble a mix between a Wheatland and standard type fender. The 1941 also sports a different motor block. While some changes after 1941 were improvements that occurred from field-testing. Thereís little doubt the highly visual changes so soon into the production run were put in place to cut production cost.

 How Rare Is It?
It is hard to say exactly how many Case SC Centerlines were made. Case sold 6,496 SC's in 1941 however; it is not clear when the cosmetic changes occurred. While it is safe say no more then 6,496 were made because of the cost saving nature of the visual changes it is more likely a far smaller number were produced.

 How many Case SC Centerlines Survived?
It is impossible to say exactly. However, here is what I found out. Last year here in Wisconsin home to J.I. Case three tractor shows featured Case tractors one of these shows was actually located only miles from the Racine WI plant this tractor was produced in . None of the shows had a 1941 Case Centerline. These shows had collection with some of the rarest Case tractors including prototypes but no 1941 CASE Centerline. After I bought this tractor, I had a friend who owns a Tractor repair Shop and Farmtrac (formerly Long) Dealership pick it up and store it at his dealership. He started working as a Mechanic at a Case dealership at age 17 now some 35 years later he said he does not remember ever seeing one of these.

Download and view the original 1941 Case SC Tractor Brochure

 Condition and History
What I know about the tractor is it sat at some ones northern Wisconsin hunting cabin...It started every year for decades despite sitting all year (hence the painted stencil "OLD FAITHFUL") However a storm caused a branch to break the exhaust that let in water. Therefore, the next trip to the cabin the tractor would not start. Despite covering the exhaust, it was just a matter of time before the motor froze. The cylinders on this motor have been filled with diesel fuel  over 2 years Tractor tires hold air but one is bad. Steering arm has been welded. Fender are 100% solid and are straight. However they have some tears at the base where Tin separated from the braces so the holes in the pictures are NOT rusted through. No cracks in motor block. I really viewed this as a simple free it up clean it up and run it I am also selling a original Sales Brochure for this very tractor possibly it is rarer then the tractor.

This is pickup only Tractor is located near Allenton  WI  
Tractor is on eBay with  NO Reserve also for auction is the original sales brochure

View our other NO RESERVE Auctions including an original 1941 Case SC sale brochure
Click here to view a discussion on the 1941 Case SC and this tractor
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