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After years of development and several prototype configurations International Harvester introduced the Farmall tractor in 1924. It was a smaller general-purpose tractor, to fend off competition from the Ford Motor Company's Fordson tractors . The Farmall tractor was the first in the United States to incorporate a tricycle-like design, which could be used on tall crops such as cotton and corn. At first there was just one model of the Farmall, but when it became evident the factory couldn't fill orders fast enough, International Harvester developed models with more power and new features to carry on the Farmall brand. Afterwards, the first Farmall model

Farmall Tractor Farmall Brochures
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became known as the 'Regular' to distinguish it from later models which carried F- designations, followed by the so-called 'letter series' tractors then the 'hundred series.'

bottom 1933 Farmall F20 Tractor offered by McCormick Deering "page 3 of posted brochure"
Farmall Posters

Farmall Regular
The Farmall Regular was the first successful attempt to build a general all purpose tricycle type tractor, designed Bert Benjamin, after several years of patient effort. The new Farmall tractor had high rear-axle clearance, gear drive, automatic braking of either wheel for ouick and short turns, small closely spaced front wheels designed to run between crop rows, vertical steering column with steering rod over the top of the tractor, three forward and one reverse speed, means of mounting cultivator and other attachments, power take-off working off the transmission and delivering power at the center rear, and belt pulley It had the same four cylinder engine as the McCormick-Deering , but the horse-power was stepped up to 20 on the drawbar and 25 on the belt. It burned kerosene with a water intake on the carburetor and became the most popular all-around tractor of the late 1920's.
Farmall F20
Beginning in 1932, International Harvester Company commenced production of the F-20 tractor. When production finally ended in 1939, a total of 148,960 F-20 tractors had been built, breaking all previous records. The F-20 replaced the original Farmall Regular,
International Harvester Farmall
but was slightly larger. Slight modifications can be found during production, but the tractor remained basically unchanged during the entire run.
Farmall Letter Series
Beginning with the letter series tractors (A, B, C, H, M), the famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy was commissioned to give the tractors a sleek, modern look. Generally tractors were marketed by the number of plows they could pull in average soil to indicate their power. Here is a brief family tree of Farmall tractors based on number of plows:
top Farmall Tractor brochure cover
right Farmall Tractor ful line 2 page center spread ad.

1-plow: Farmall A , Farmall Super-A, B, BN, 100, 130, 140
2-plow (sm): F-12, F-14, C, Super-C, 200, 230, 240, 404
2-plow (lg): Regular, F-20, H, Super-H, 300, 350, 340, 504
3-plow: F-30, M, Super-M, 400, 450, 460
4-plow and up: 560, 656, 706, 806, 1206

There is also the Farmall Cub, a Culti-Vision tractor smaller than the Farmall A
Farmall H  
International Harvester is born

The merger of McCormick and Deering in 1902 led to the production of Mogul and Titan tractors for respective dealers of each make. Those early tractors only shared International Harvester high manufacturing standards. Later after the release of the Farmall brand tractor they began sharing motors and more

Farmall tractor models also have a mechanically similar sister model under the International Harvester brand designed for industrial or utility use.
International Harvester Farmall A
Farmall A Tractors
The Farmall A was introduced in 1939. The Farmall A had the same engine as its predecessor, the F-12 and F-13 however; the engine was to the left of the operator seat. It came with rubber tires and a four-speed transmission... The A was available with either a gasoline or kerosene engines and it was equipped with PTO and a belt pulley that was at the back rather than the side.

Farmall H
Farmall H tractors were originally available with all-steel wheels, full rubber, and had a 1940 price of $962. When equipped with front and rear steel, the price dropped to $765, World War Two hampered the transition to full pneumatic equipment. War requirements used nearly all available rubber, forcing many farmers to be satisfied with steel wheels.
International Harvester Farmall H The Farmall H, produced from 1939 to 1952, became the top selling individual tractor model of all time in North America with over 390,000 sold. (The Ford 8N being a close second).
In 1952 the Super H was introduced. It was available in tricycle, adjustable wide-front or fixed wide-front high-crop versions with optional hydraulics. The super H also came with the new International Harvester disc brakes.
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International Harvester Farmall H
International Harvester Farmall H
International Harvester Farmall H was the redesigned sequel to the Farmall F-20. The Farmall H had a new engine that used a water pump. The H was introduced the same year as the popular Farmall M and since both models shared the same frame, mounted farm implements were interchangeable.  


Farmall Cub 1947 - 1952
Despite International Harvester extensive line of tractors. the need for a row-crop tractor of less horsepower was addressed some what late. The success of the Allis Chalmers Tractor Model B and C emphasized this point, so in 1947 the company introduced the Farmall Cub
McCormick Deering
McCormick Deering 10-20
face="Arial">McCormick Deering 10-20 This was the International Tractor that followed the McCormick Deering Titan. It came out in 1923 and was discontinued in 1939. A total of 219,000 were made and the peak production year was 1929. It was slow and cumbersome, but was excellent for plowing as well as on the belt. It carried the same four cylinder engine as the "Regular Farmall" introduced that same Year by International Harvester Company. In 1923, the 10-20 was listed at $785; the 15-30 at $1250. By 1939, the 10-20 was listed at $950 with steel lugs, and $1158 with rubber tires.

Farmall  F20 Tractor
International Harvester Company built 135,000 regular Farmall Tractors between 1923 and 1932, when the name was changed to "F-20." (The F- 12 was also introduced in 1932 by IInternational Harvester and 132,000 F-12's were built between 1932 and 1938.)


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