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The Keller Tractor Collection Antique Farming had the privilege to view the Keller family's tractor collection of more than 525 vintage tractors, The collection not only contains some of the rarest John Deere and Minneapolis-Moline tractors.. It also has a sampling of other brands in their most sought after configurations. namely, Hi-Corp and Orchard models.
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Antique John Deere Tractor Pictures Building 1
Antique Tractor Pictures John Deere Building 1 click here.
Antique John Deere Tractor Pictures - Building 2
Antique Tractor Pictures John Deere Building 2 click here.
Antique Tractor Pictures Minneapolis-Moline Page 1
Minneapolis-Moline Antique Tractor Pictures PAGE 1 click here.
Tractor Collection Minneapolis-Moline Page 2
Minneapolis-Moline Tractor Collection PAGE 2 click here.
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John Deere 3020
Antique Tractor Archive
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Antique John Deere Tractors
Antique John Deere Tractors
Antique John Deere Tractors
Antique John Deere Tractors
Antique John Deere Tractors
Keller's collection, which has been assembled over many years from all around the country since the early 1970s, contains 54 first-built units of a particular model, a handful of the last built units from a model line, six experimental tractors and two that were the only ones made for that model. the below five pictures are of the priceless John Deere GP Wide Tread Experimental Tractor.
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To speed up load times and accommodate the large amount of pictures the collection is posted on multiple pages
Keller Tractor Coll ection Minneapolis-Moline page click here.
Tractor Collection Building 1
Tractor Collection John Deere Building 1 click here.
Tractor Collection Building 2
Tractor Collection John Deere Building 2 click here.
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John Deere GP
A real jewel in the vast Keller John Deere tractor collection is this 1929 John Deere GP Experimental. The tractor is a showcase of John Deere tractor research and development work in the early stages of its tractor history. The tractor sports over the top steering along with adjustable rear wheels. Later, both features would find their way into production.  


John Deere Industrail Tractor
John Deere Industrial
This John Deere AI Industrial tractor is fitted with a third party crane produced by LaPlante-Choate. The LaPlante-Choate used a second power take-off shaft mounted off the belt pulley to operate the crane

Before hydraulic technology, construction equipment operated on mechanical transmission of energy principals in use for thousands of years.
John Deere B
John Deeres of a different color
To satisfy both customers and safety demands the John Deere BI was offered in various colors. The above Red John Deere BI was specially
ordered to be painted red at the factory by the Waterloo Iowa Fire Department.

The industrial version of the John Deere "BR". Features include individual rear wheel brakes machined into the large cast iron rear wheels. The front axle was also set back and had provisions for a
hydraulic pump

John Deere Tractor
John Deere Model 8010

The 1960 John Deere 8010 weighs in at over 13 tons the tractor represent John Deere's first articulated four wheel drive tractor.
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