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The Keller Tractor Collection Minneapolis-Moline
minneapolis moline tractors
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Minneapolis-Moline Dozer
minneapolis moline R
minneapolis moline udlx
minneapolis moline tractor
minneapolis moline YT
MM Twin City Tractor
MM Twin City Tractors
mm twin city tractor
MM Twin City
Twin City Tractor
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minneapolis moline M5
minneapolis moline M5 tractor
minneapolis moline
minneapolis moline high crop
minneapolis moline cane tractor
minneapolis moline orchard
minneapolis moline orchard
minneapolis moline 5 star
minneapolis moline 5 star
minneapolis moline 445
To speed up load times and accommodate the large amount of pictures the collection is posted on multiple pages
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Tractor Collection Building 1
Tractor Collection John Deere Building 1 click here.
john Deere
Tractor Collection Building 2
Tractor Collection John Deere Building 2 click here.
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Used Tractors

minneapolis moline comfortractor udlx
A company ahead of the times. While tractor companies like John Deere were first deciding to add styling Minneapolis-Moline was producing some of the most stylish lines of all tractors Pictured is the Minneapolis-Moline UDLX Comfortractor . click to view more photos of the UDLX

Moline Plow Company
In 1915 the successful Moline Plow Company bought out the Universal Tractor  Company Moline Plow Company

The 3PT War
a $9.25 settlement agreement against Ford. Ford agreed to discontinue production of the hydraulic system using Ferguson's reservoir-side hydraulic pump by the end of the 1952 model year. 1953 saw the release of the Ford NAA Ferguson, who had begun producing Ford 9N look-alikes that he marketed as Ferguson TE-20 and TO- 20 , suffered in the final settlement for his success. He had manufactured nearly 140,000 of the 9N clones without Ford's permissio  

Case VAC
Case Tractors
CASE VAC 1942-1955

The Case VAC Model became a well respected small Case Tractor . Their superior design is evidenced by the fact that many are still in service.

Case VAC Tractor
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