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Antique Farm Machinery When the nineteenth century opened, the American farmer was working with almost the same equipment used for the past hundreds if not thousands of years

Farm Equipment that changed the world
Hart Parr Founders of the Tractor Industry Brochure

This 1923 Hart Parr brochure is far more then just a typical tractor brochure. The Brochure cover the Hart Parr models 28-50, 18-36, 12-20 and the Hart Parr Road Maintenance Tractor. Nearly every area and component on the tractor and construction is covered with photos. It’s easy to see Hart Parr had a major influence on educating and convincing the farmer on the virtue of the tractor. The 66 page brochure includes hundreds of photos including a dozen or more of the factory. This truly is a historically significant tractor brochure.

To download this and countless more rare brochures and manuals visit our
Literature Page
The Barn Project
Barn After I struggle to put to words the strong emotional pull barns have on my life. Restoring and repairing the very barn that I learned to walk in as a toddler played in as a child and worked in and around as soon as I could contribute brought many of these feelings to the surface.
Left   Me standing in front of the very barn I would tackle a huge barn restoration project some forty years later.
I found I am not alone in these feelings. Many people for many reasons have the same strong associations with barns. For that, reason Antique Farming is putting out a call for YOUR barn stories and photos.

If your interested in contributing click here
The Barn Project
Antique Farming looks at The Chase Stone Barn click on image
Old Barn
New Additions : Allis Chalmers Model B

Allis Chalmers designed the B to be lightweight and simple. It only weighed a ton and had a minimum of parts. However, the $495 price included such luxuries as rubber tires and a cushioned seat.

The combination of an excellent farm tractor and effective marketing help the B to become a smashing success. Allis marketing department had experience with such challenges as convincing doubting farmer the benefits of pneumatic tire. Early sales literature for the Allis Chalmers B was devoted to convincing the farmer That the new B required less work to maintain then horses.
Visit our Allis Chalmers B page
Antique Farming Featured LOADER TRACTORS
Loader Tractor Loader Tractors Most all the tractor manufacturers had been building equipment for "non-agricultural" or for construction purposes. Some, moved slowly in providing construction equipment. Others released products that became classics and the watermark for others to reach.
top before the hydraulic loader complex loader rigs used cables and a large mast.

right  1940's saw  an explosion in 3rd party loader sales  taking advantage of hydraulic lift first used on cultivators. Early loaders used hydraulics to lift  the bucket the load was dumped or tripped by a long rope routed back to the operator  as shown on this  620 John Deere Tractor equipped with a John Deere 45 loader.

bottom  A new era was entered with the release of the Case Construction King loader.
Loader Tractor
Loader Tractor   Case Construction King
Case stockholders approved the merger with construction equipment builder ATC in December 1956,and immediately started retooling to make the new loader backhoe. Only a few months later the first Loader Backhoe was shipped. Some initial design problems notwithstanding, completion of this machine marked the dawn of a new era for Case. This machine was the first of its kind, giving Case an immediate edge on the competition. click here to read more on Case's Construction Equipment
John Deere Loader Tractors
Case wasn't the only company in 1956 with news in the construction equipment department John Deere's industrial division gained its identity separate from the farm machinery business in 1956 when separate records of construction equipment sales were kept for the first time. The first dealer to exclusively sell construction equipment was appointed in Ft. Dodge, Iowa.

  Loader Tractor`
Antique Farming Windows Tractor Wallpaper
The below tractor images were created from antique tractor literature. I've taken and converted them to use as Windows wallpaper (or you can print them) . You are welcome to download these antique tractor pictures for personal use.
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Copula Delivery Nichols & Shepard Tractor

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Making Hay Nichols & Shepard Tractor

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Case Crossmotor Nichols & Shepard Tractor

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IH Red Baby Nichols & Shepard Tractor

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Case had a winner when it introduced
the Construction King
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Take a look at John Deere Logos some lasted decades others only one year.
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Part one of a detailed look at rescuing a barn form disaster
Allis Chalmers Tractors Allis Chalmers Tractors
Allis Chalmers Tractors
Allis Chalmers B
Utility Tractors
Utility Tractors Standard Tread and Industrial Tractor history
Ford Tractors Fords Tractors
Fords widely popular Tractors 9N 8N NAAA and Hundred Series
Backhoe Tractors Backhoe
1960 would see the
Backhoe Loader tractor
John Deere 3020
John Deere sets the standard for all other farm tractors
Hydraulics Pump Tractors Hydraulics
The invention of Hydraulics would change farming forever
John Deere Timeline John Deere Timeline
John Deere History
1830 to 1860
John Deere Time line John Deere Historic Timeline
John Deere Timeline
Hydraulics Pump John Deere 20 Series
John Deere replaces Letter Series
with the Numbered Series.
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The Barn
Antique Farming looks at farming’s number one icon, the Barn .
We will begin with a look at the Dairy Barn

The rate, at which barns are disappearing, is nothing short of alarming. Visit part one of the two part story documenting the process that rescued a Wisconsin barn from the fate that has removed so many barns from our rural landscape.
Barn Restoration Part 1
Barn Before
John Deere Timeline
John Deere Timeline John Deere History John Deere Waterlooboy John Deere D John Deere GP
Antique Farming Visits the Keller Tractor Collection
antique tractor pictures
 There's little doubt the Keller family tractor collection has no equal. Check out our antique tractor photo archive, we think you will agree. Also we are confident you will not find a rival to our  collection of easy to view high resolution antique tractor pictures on all the internet.
Keller Tractor Collection click here.
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Dairy Barns
Barn Restoration Part 1
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Tractor Tires

The Allis-Chalmers WC was the first farm tractor to be sold with tractor tires that was not fitted with steel wheels The tractor tires were special, low-pressure pneumatic tires capable of meeting the varied service requirements demanded of farm tractors . And thus started one of the most rapid and striking changes in farm equipment history.
Moline Universal

In the mid-1910s, successful two and three plow farm tractors were developed, but failed to meet one very big and important farm power need on American farms - they could not handle row crop cultivation. Even after making the investment in a farm tractor, a small farmer needed to maintain a team of horses to cultivate row crops. The result was the motor cultivator, a very light farm tractor primarily designed to carry a set of cultivators. The bizarre-looking Moline "Universals" was a pioneer in the motor cultivator.

Massey Harris Pacer

Massey Harris Pacer
The Massey Harris Pacer was an improved model over the Pony, and although they looked the same, the pacer had a padded seat, hydraulic lift and the frame was a bit longer. It had a 91 cu. in. engine, while the Pony a 62 cu. in. engine.
McCormick Reaper

In 1831, Cyrus McCormick drove this one horse contraption through a wheat field to cut the very first grain mechanically. He sold the first one in 1842 and began manufacturing them in Chicago in 1847 Under the name McCormick Harvesting Machinery Co later the company would merge to become The International Harvester Company

John Deere 720
The John Deere 720achieved many records in the Deere line: It was the largest row-crop two-cylinder model built by John Deere the largest row-crop tractor tested at Nebraska; it provided more work per gallon of diesel fuel of any wheeled or crawler tractor tested up to that time; and the gas and LP-gas models were also the most powerful row-crops of their fuel type.

Ford NAA Tractor
The 3PT War
a $9.25 million dollar settlement agreement against Ford. Ford agreed to discontinue production of the hydraulic system using Ferguson's reservoir-side hydraulic pump by the end of the 1952 model year. 1953 saw the release of the Ford NAA Ferguson, who had begun producing Ford 9N look-alikes that he marketed as Ferguson TE-20 and TO- 20 , suffered in the final settlement for his success. He had manufactured nearly 140,000 of the 9N clones without Ford's permissio  

John Deere B
John Deeres of a different color
To satisfy both customers and safety demands the John Deere BI was offered in various colors. The above Red John Deere BI was specially
ordered to be painted red at the factory by the Waterloo Iowa Fire Department.

The industrial version of the John Deere "BR". Features include individual rear wheel brakes machined into the large cast iron rear wheels. The front axle was also set back and had provisions for a
hydraulic pump

International Harvester Farmall H
International Harvester Farmall H
International Harvester Farmall H was the redesigned sequel to the Farmall F-20. The Farmall H had a new engine that used a water pump. The H was introduced the same year as the popular Farmall M and since both models shared the same frame, mounted farm implements were interchangeable.  

John Deere Industrail Tractor
John Deere Industrial
This John Deere AI Industrial tractor is fitted with a third party crane produced by LaPlante-Choate. The LaPlante-Choate used a second power take-off shaft mounted off the belt pulley to operate the crane

Before hydraulic technology, construction equipment operated on mechanical transmission of energy principals in use for thousands of years.
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