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International Harvester

International Harvester Tractors A Tractor Company is born In 1902 after months of negotiations J.P. Morgan and Company purchased both the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company. and the Deering Harvester Company., along with two smaller harvester companies. Thus the International Harvester Company was created. International Harvester began building gasoline tractors in 1906, making them one of the first company in the smalltractor business. The earliest lightweight International Harvester tractors had a friction drive system which gave the tractor a 15 belt horsepower rating.
Two Tractor lines one company. In 1908 International Harvester introduced the Titan model that was sold by Deering dealers and produced at the companies Milwaukee, WI plant. The company's Mogul line that followed in 1910 was manufactured at the Chicago plant and sold by McCormick dealers. Because of Antitrust regulations that resulted from the 1902 merger International Harvester had to operate several separate entities within its corporation for a few years.

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Nothing illustrates or gives a better history lesson then original brochures of the day in an effort to preserving farm history we offer these for free. Our IHC literature collection has some of the rarest brochures you will ever see, including.
1903 McCormick Implement brochure
This extremely rare McCormick brochure was produced only months after JP Morgan (under another name) paid 60 million CASH and bought McCormick and the Deering Company.
1920's McCormick Deering Industrial Tractors and Equipment
This early McCormick Deering brochure covers Industrial, Commercial and Municipal Lines of tractors and equipment.. This large sized 80 page sales brochure is a virtual history book to the industrial tractor and equipment industry.

To Download these and countless more rare brochures and manuals visit our Literature Page
above Just a small sample of the free farm tractor and farm implement related brochures and literature offered by Antique Farming.

The International Harvester's Mogul 8-16 tractor began rolling out of the Chicago factory in 1914. The Mogul 8-16 was a simple and easy to operate single-cylinder tractor that was also easy to maintain and repair. Its price was affordable and it became very popular.

 farm tractor Power Take Off (PTO) International took advantage its familiarity with the farm equipment industry to introduce innovations and refinements to the farm tractor that met the needs of working farmers better than most all other conventional farm tractor manufactures. One of these innovations was the introduction and mass production of the power takeoff (PTO).

left The McCormick-Deering 15-30 was the first American farm tractor to offer a practical rear PTO (power take off) mechanism as standard equipment. This innovation allowed farm implements to draw power from the tractor as opposed to drawing power from the implements wheels rolling along the ground. click on image to enlarge
International Farmall When IHC released the Farmall they defined the American row crop farm tractor, The Farmall tractor, when it was released for sale, appeared somewhat odd to people accustomed to the farm tractors of the day. but the Farmall sold so well that it eventually changed the image of the tractor and forced most companies to imitate the tricycle design.
left The first generation of Farmall tractors maintained the traditional coloration. They were the same gunmetal gray that dominated IHC previous farm tractors and many of the other tractors in the industry.
click on image to enlarge

The Farmall was tall and narrow. It was tall in order to clear growing corn or cotton plants, and narrow so that the driver had maximum visibility of the rows that he was cultivating. The other noticeable feature of the Farmall and many of the imitators was a very narrow set of front wheels mounted in the center of the tractor under the front end. The tricycle arrangement allowed the tractor to turn in a very tight circle, but the combination of widely spaced, large-diameter rear wheels and small, tightly set front wheels gave the tractor a look people weren't accustomed to.
In 1940 the International Harvester Co. released eleven new models. Models 0-4 and 0-6 were designed for orchard and grove work, 2- and 3- plow size, respectively. Of the standard farm 4-wheel tractors, the W-4, 2-plow size was the smallest. It was available for use with either distillate or with high-compression gasoline motor. The W-6, similar to the W-4, was 3-plow size. The model W-9, 4-plow tractor, was the largest of the 3 distillate-gasoline standard tractors.
left The International Harvester Co. put out 11 new models in 1940. The model W-9, 4-plow tractor, was the largest of the 3 standard four wheel farm tractors.
click on image to enlarge

right 1940's International Harvester Company Standard farm Tractor brochure. To download and view this complete vintage IHC brochures along with many other rare tractor and farming literature visit our Literature Page
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Optional PTO
In 1919, IHC began experimenting with PTO-equipped International 8-16s, and in 1921, the PTO became available as special order equipment on the International 15-30. The new McCormick-Deering 10-20 and 15-30 also appeared in 1921, and the PTO was available on both machines. The Farmall used a PTO as early as 1922, and it became an integral part of the tractor's design.The next hurdle was standardization of PTO shaft rotation speeds, coupling size, and splining. Under the auspices of the American Society of Agricultural Engineering (ASAE), representatives from tractor manufacturing companies met to attempt to standardize the PTO coupling so that tractors and implements from different manufacturers would be interchangeable. It took about five years to become reality, but by 1931 ASAE had mediated a standard for the PTO and it was being applied to any imaginable implement. The PTO continued to develop with tractors, eventually shaking out 540
International Harvester Tractors

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Farmall M
Farmall M Tractor

The first Farmall tractor with an optional diesel engine is the M. It started on gasoline and was manually switched to diesel after warming up. The 400 and 450 diesels used the same engine as the M.

The Farmall Model A was part of the Letter Series, the most successful International tractor line of all time. Over one million of these Farmalls were sold between 1939 and 1954. 

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