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A New Generation of Power
After making more than 1 1/4 million Two-cylinder tractors, John Deere switched to four- and six-cylinder engines. Announcement of the change came after seven years of development and forty million dollars in retooling.

To introduce the new tractors to all of its dealers In a single day, the company chartered planes to fly more than 5,000 persons to Dallas, Tex., on Aug. 30.1961. The day would mark the release of a line of farm tractors that would soon evolve into the standard all other farm tractors would be measured by.

The New Generation of Power was to begin with two sizes from Dubuque and two from Waterloo. The smallest model was the 35-hp 1010 with gas or diesel engine. It came in single row-crop, utility, row-crop utility, or crawler mode for farming, and in wheel or crawler industrial types.
john deer tractor
john deere D
john deer tractors
The 45-hp 2010 was available with gas, diesel or LP-gas engine options as a row-crop with dual-wheel, Roll-O-Matic, single-wheel or wide-axle front end choice. It also came as a row-crop utility, a Iii-Crop or a crawler for farming, and in industrial models similar to the 1010. These two series were designed and built at Dubuque. They retained the fuel tank above the engine, had dry-disk brakes, and offered power steering as an option.

The 4-cylinder, 55-hp 3010 shared many common parts with the 6-cylinder 80-hp 4010. Both offered diesel, gasoline or LP-gas engines. Both were available as standard models or as row-crops with a choice of Roll-O-Matic, dual-wheel, single-wheel, or adjustable-axle front end. In addition, the 3010 was offered as a row-crop utility and the 4010 as a Hi-Crop. Both sizes were also available as industrial units. The industrial tractors largely followed the styling established in 1958 with the previous models, except that the radiator grilles were steel plates instead of castings. In 1962, the 1010 and 3010 series were extended by the grove and orchard models. The 5010 was also announced, the highest power 2-wheel-drive tractor on the market.
fohn deere 3020 for sale
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John Deere 3020 and 4020
John Deere improved the original models to the extent that the John Deere 4020 became the most popular tractor of its era, and arguably one of the classic tractors of all time. Standing with the likes of the Ford 8N and Farmall H. The John Deere 20 series was again another leap ahead of the competition. The 4020 became so popular that in 1966 there were 27,416 units sold in the U.S. and Canada, accounting for 48% of all John Deere tractor unit sales. With these two new 20 series tractors came Power Shift, an 8-speed-forward, 4-speed-reverse shift-on-the-go transmission, which gave one-lever, no-clutching gear change under load
left 1961 John Deere Brochure announcing the new line of all new John Deere Tractors see above image for inside of this brochure.

top The new John Deere Tractors display a long list of new features. click image to enlarge.

right 1960 saw a advertising campaign unparallel in the farm industry. This sixteen page John Deere Tractor brochure was feature in the October 1960 Farm Journal, The Farm Journal Machinery Parade section reports the Tractor ad is the largest single ad ever published inside it's magazine.

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John deere 3020
The new John Deere tractors had fuel tank, oil cooler and air cleaner ahead of the radiator. Eight piston hydraulic pump, also up front, uses transmission oil to power hydraulic equipment. To keep foot deck clear, all hand levers are on dash seat slides back out of the way when you stand up.
A New Hydraulic System
One of the biggest changes in the new tractors was in the hydraulic system. A high-capacity hydraulic pump uses the same special hydraulic oil that lubricates the transmission and differential. This supplies enough oil—up to 18 gallons in the six-cylinder models—to run new hydraulic power brakes, fully hydraulic power steering, a fast-coupling three-point hitch and two remote hydraulic cylinders. A special feature of the hydraulic pump: When you don't need hydraulic pressure, it doesn't use any engine power.

The 3010 and 4010 were updated in 1963 to become the 3020 and 4020. Increased in power, but most importantly given the Power-Shift transmission option and a hydraulic power differential lock, the performance of these tractors was dramatically improved. With a 6-PTO-hp increase from 59.44 to 65.28 as tested at Nebraska, the 3020 was available in row-crop (four versions of front-wheel equipment), standard, orchard, and Hi-Crop form. The standard transmission was the successful Synchro-Range with eight forward and three reverse speeds. The new Power-Shift transmission meant that you could move from any of its eight forward or four reverse speeds without use of the clutch. An inching pedal was provided for attachment of implements.
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John Deere Muscle The John Deere 5010 was the first 2-wheel-drive tractor with over 100 drawbar hp

Perhaps the most-streamlined tractor John Deere ever built was the 3020 Grove and Orchard Tractor  The styling of the rear-wheel fenders was not for aerodynamic reasons but to minimize breakage of tree limbs when passing through orchard rows. The 4-cylinder 59-PTO horsepower 3020 was ideal for medium-sized farms.

John Deere M

In 1947 John Deere opened a new tractor factory in Dubuque, Iowa, built to produce The John Deere M. The John Deere M tractor was created to address the increasing demand for small tractors and to compete with the increasingly popular Ford and Ferguson Tractor.
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