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John Deere Tractor Model D
The John Deere Model D Tractor
was put on the market in 1923. This followed the discontinuance of the "Waterloo Boy" first produced in 1912 by the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company, taken over in 1918 by the John Deere Tractor Company of Moline, Illinois. The Model D would become one of the company's chief products and subsequent models were modernized in keeping with changing demands. Giving the John Deere Model D Tractor the honor of being John Deere's longest production span of all the two cylinder John Deere Tractors covering the years 1923 to 1953.

Originally known as the John Deere 15-27, this tractor later was dubbed the Model D. Although the John Deere Model D saw numerous changes during it's 30 year production run. The
johndeere tractor
john deere D
john deere tractors
basic design remained the same, with the Model D becoming the foundation of the extensive John Deere tractor two cylinder line.

right  John Deere Tractor ad published in the 1942 issue of "The Tractor Field Book with Power Farm Equipment Specifications". The Tractor Field Book was a annual  publication  from the publishers of Farm Implement News Co.The magazine and ad were geared toward tractor and Implement dealers 
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John Deere Tractors
John Deere Tractors

John Deere Tractors John Deere D identity crisis
Some early brochures show the John Deere D actually referred to as the John Deere 15-27 with no mention of the Model D. The company created identity conflict seems to have been cleared up with the release of John Deere's GP General Purpose line

top  John Deere ad with no mention of Model D
left  John Deere Tractor brochure with no mention of Model D
 right 1924 John Deere ad with the tractor referred to as both Model D and 15-27
John Deere D
The Model D was produced from March 1, 1923 to July 3, 1953, the longest production
span of all the two-cylinder John Deere tractors. The first Model D rode on steel
wheels with a 6.5x7.0 hand-cranked engine and had the distinction of being the first tractor to bear the John Deere name.
John Deere Fordson and International
World War I—and Henry Ford—interrupted plans for the company to quickly introduce its Model D. Henry Ford's Fordson tractor arrived in the marketplace after more than a decade of testing at Ford's Dearborn, Michigan, farm. The lightweight (2,710 pounds), affordable ($785), compact machine quickly stole the sales lead from International Harvester; It was not that Ford's tractor was so good, it was simply so affordable and so available. Ford's auto dealerships sold Fordson tractors on the same floor as the cars, and during the ultimately ruinous price war against International Harvester, Henry Ford reduced his tractor price to $395 in 1921. Deere could go no lower than $890.
Inadvertently, however, Ford contributed to John Deere's success during that period, an effect that lasted much longer than Ford's price reduction. By 1920, more than 180 companies were claiming to manufacture farm tractors in the United States. Of those, many produced poor quality machines designed more to take the farmer's money than to pull the plow.
John Deere Quality
John Deere's quality teamed with the simplicity of the two cylinder design created the foundation for a reputation that continues today

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John Deere MC 1949

The John Deere model MC replaced the BO. The MC crawler represented the first all John Deere designed crawler, and the beginning of a line which was to develop into the industrial division of the company.

John Deere GP 1929

The John Deere GP followed the basic design of the John Deere D . Introduced as a row-crop tractor the above pictured model was not nearly as popular as the tricycle configuration

Farmall M Tractor

The first Farmall tractor with an optional diesel engine is the M. It started on gasoline and was manually switched to diesel after warming up. The 400 and 450 diesels used the same engine as the M


John Deere M

In 1947 John Deere opened a new tractor factory in Dubuque, Iowa, built to produce The John Deere M. The John Deere M tractor was created to address the increasing demand for small tractors and to compete with the increasingly popular Ford and Ferguson Tractor.
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