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John Deere History  1870 - 1880 - 1890

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The beginning of John Deere's outstanding wagon and running gear line. Wagons enter the product line early in the decade, soon followed by buggies. By century's end, company catalogs By century's end, company catalogs will feature Old Hickory, New Moline and Mitchell wagons, as well as Derby, Red Star, White Elephant, Victoria, Goldsmith, and Sterling buggies. deere & company John Deere Wagon
Five product lines dominate John Deere's output through the end of the 19th century: plows, cultivators, harrows, drills and planters, and wagons and buggies.

1876, The leaping deer" trademark appears. The leaping deer in various forms will remain the primary trademark for Deere and Company

In 1875 ,John Deere manufactures and sells the Gilpin 2-Wheel Sulky Plow. It makes plowing easier by allowing the operator to ride while driving three horses. Sulky plow sales will reach 135,102 in 1899. This design later evolves into three-wheel plows and gang plows with two bottoms.

In 1881 , the Gilpin was improved in a major way by the development of a "power-lift," allowing the plow bottom to come out of the ground by simple pressure of the hand on a catch which connected to the land wheel. Few people would argue with the company's claim that it was "The King of the Riding Plows." During his 23 years with Deere, Moore contributed a great deal, including 31 patents processed in his name.
John Deere Sukky Plow
john deere history
right top The Gilpin won so many firsts in competition all over the Midwest that the company advertising proclaimed it was "victorious in all points."
In 1883 John Deere bought out Tate and Gould's interests in the company in 1853, the same year that he was joined in the business by his son Charles Deere. The business continued to expand until 1857, when the company's production totals reached almost 1,120 implements per month. For then ext 16 years, the company is known variously as John Deere, John Deere & Co., Deere & Co., and Moline Plow Manufactory. By about this time, most farm machinery dependent upon horse power has been discovered.


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1890 By about this time, most farm machinery dependent upon horse power has been discovered. 1890 John Deere came out with the  Riding Gang Plow. With six good horses on hills, or four good horses on level land, six acres per day could be plowed. It was universally used for the next thirty years 

The Panic of 1893, touched off by a New York stock-market crash, begins the worst depression of the 19th century. As business sags, competition among implement makers for declining orders  turns cutthroat.

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John Deere Manure Spreader
The John Deere   company sales catalog began showing John Deere Manure Spreaders in 1910 with the acquisition of the Kemp & Burpee and their successful spreader   


1949 John Deere RTractor becomes the first diesel by John Deere. The biggest John Deere to date offering power and weight that large wheat and rice farmers required.. It provides 43 belt hp and weighs 7,400 pounds. Its 2- cylinder diesel engine is started by a 2-cylinder gasoline pony engine. It is also the first John Deere tractor to offer an optional cab.

John Deere Backhoe

The John Deere 92 Backhoe became a popular backhoe attachment. Available in a 10 and 12 foot model. Mounting options were the John Deere JD300 or the John Deere JD400 loaders only. The 92 John Deere Backhoe like all other JD Backhoes were treated as attachments. The backhoes could be demounted to free the loader tractor for three point hitch, drawbar or PTO work.

1958 The John Deere 440 crawler becomes the first real industrail tractor . The Integral  +John Deere 831 Loader will become a popular loader option.

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