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John Deere Number Series The End of an Era

John Deere 50 and 60
The 1950's saw the end of an era in more then one front. In 1952,John Deere decided to replace the long standing Letter Series with the Numbered Series. First to appear in 1952 was the Model 60 to replace the John Deere  A, followed by the 50 replacing the John Deere B some four months later.

John Deere 40
In 1953 John Deere announced the 40 Series, The tractor was built to a replacement for the John Deere Model M. By increasing engine rpm from 1,650 to 1,850, power was improved by 15 percent.

Three Point Hitch

An important note in company history, the 40 Series was the first John Deere models to have a genuine three-point hitch with exclusive load and depth control. Invented by Harry Ferguson the three point hitch was first introduced in 1938 on a Ford 9N. Despite John Deere's late entry the three point hitch system had become the standard.

A New Three Point Hitch
A new 3 point hitch was added in 1953 for the 50, 60, and 70, with a large range of new implements to make pick-up-and-go farming easier. It was the first North American introduction of the Category 2 hitch which later influenced development of a new ASAE-SAE technical standard.
John Deere 20 30 Series

The Demand for more powerful Tractors was answered with the release of the new John Deere 20 series tractor. John Deere's completely redesigned combustion chamber provided increased power, smoother performance, greater fuel economy. With the long list of impovements John Deere announced the 20 series the most modern farm tractor ever produced features include

NEW STYLING What would become arguably the most popular John Deere paint scheme.1956 saw the release of a sparkling-new, two-tone color styling

FLOAT-RIDE SEAT Absorbs shocks and tractor vibration; makes rough fields seem much smoother. This new seat is fully adjustable to your weight and height for maximum tractor driving comfort.

INDEPENDENT PTO Delivers full power of the great new engines, completely independent of the transmission clutch and the hydraulic system. Convenient pedal control.
John Deere Brochure
View John Deere 520 620
720 Tractor brochure
John Deere engineers realized that they had gone about as far as they could go with the 2-cylinder engine design. For three decades John Deere promoted that The familiar Johnny popper with its Hit and Miss sound meant simple reliable power however to the John Deere engineers it meant poor power balance, which required a heavier drive train for equal durability. It also meant that additional power could not be easily obtained by increasing rpms
John Deere Brochure
View John Deere 50 and 60 Tractor brochure
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The John Deere 720 achieved many records in the Deere line: It was the largest row-crop two-cylinder model built by John Deere ;the largest row-crop tractor tested at Nebraska; it provided more work per gallon of diesel fuel of any wheeled or crawler tractor tested up to that time; and the gas and LP-gas models were also the most powerful row-crops of their fuel type.  


John Deere 1956
With the introduction of the 20 series in 1956, there were two utility models, the 320 and 420. Built in Dubuque, the 320 had the new Load and Depth control three-point hitch, Touch-O-Matic hydraulics, independent disk-type brakes, push-button electric start, and improved operator comfort. In addition to the utility model it was also available in the standard model complete with a PTO shaft for auxiliary equipment.

After years of testing John Deere relaesed its first diesel tractor in 1949. The John Deere R featured a two-cylinder diesel started by a two-cylinder, horizontally opposed, gas "pony" engine with electric starting; as Caterpillar found with its diesel engines, the auxiliary gas motor was necessary to pre-warm the main engine in colder climes.

Farmall Tractors
International Harvester Company built 135,000 regular Farmall Tractors between 1923 and 1932, when the name was changed to "F-20." (The F- 12 was also introduced in 1932 by International Harvester and 132,000 F-12's were built between 1932 and 1938.)


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