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Soon after the death of Henry Ford. The Ford company disregarded the “hand shake agreement” between Henry Ford. and Harry Ferguson launching the 8N independently,  The Ford 8N would go on to become the most popular tractor of its era, and arguably one of the classic tractors of all time. Standing with the likes of the John Deere A and Farmall H.

Although the Ford 8N was simply an upgraded 9N, both being small utility tractors. the 8N could be furnished with a variety of implements to fit Ferguson's innovative three-point hitch system. Few would argue the huge success the Ford 9N and 8N experienced was at the very least partly due to Ferguson's three point hitch.

Ferguson filed a lawsuit that would drag out for years. The issues revolved around the existing Ferguson patents being violated by the new 8N.

Massey tractor

massey ferguson tractors

Meanwhile, Ferguson had a large distribution company in America, and to keep it afloat he imported his TE-20 tractors for sale through the distributors, and made plans to produce tractors for the American market. These would be referenced as TO machines, whereas his European designs were TE. Launching the TO-20, based entirely on the TE-20 in 1948, the tractors soon gained considerable success and together with the TO-30, launched in 1951, which offered 30 H.P., were very successful in gaining market share against Ford. He looked for a company that could produce his tractors and carry his name into the future, and that company was Massey-Harris

Massey Ferguson
massey ferguson tractors
In 1953, in a deal worth $16 million, Massey-Harris acquired the Ferguson company and renamed themselves Massey-Harris-Ferguson Massey-Harris-Ferguson continued building both the Massey-Harris and Ferguson tractor lines for a time. Integrating the two separate tractor lines required several years. In the meantime, both brand names and dealer network lived on.

The TO 30 was updated with the more powerful TO-35. Three-cylinder Perkins diesels were used in Ferguson models after Massey-Harris's takeover; Perkins was acquired by Massey-Ferguson in 1959.Production of Massey-Ferguson tractors continued at Standard's tractor factory, which was acquired by Massey in 1959. The FE35 of 1956 was an important new model, initially distinguished by its gold-painted engine and transmission; in 1957, the FE35 became the gray-and-red MF35. Some tractors were still called Ferguson' s for select markets.
Massey Ferguson
 Massey Ferguson Pony
In 1953, Massey-Harris took over Irishman Harry Ferguson's tractor business, which had prospered in England since his falling out with Ford. This led to the end of production of the little M-H Pony
1930's Massey-Harris Pacemaker
The mid-1930s Massey Harris Pacemaker Tractor was evolved from the first unit-frame Wallis-based Massey Harris tractor.
massey ferguson
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Massey Harris Pacer

Massey Harris Pacer
The Pacer was an improved model over the Pony, and although they looked the same, the pacer had a padded seat, hydralic. lift and the frame was a bit longer. It had a 91 cu. in. engine, while the Pony a 62 cu. in. engine.

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Ferguson 9N
Ford 9N Tractor
Ford Ferguson 9N

The first Ford 9N tractor was built in 1939. It used the company's own four-cylinder engine, which carried a 3-3/16 x 3-3/4-inch bore and stroke. The unique feature of the 9N tractor was the fact that it was equipped with a unique three-point-hitch system.
Massey Harris
Wallis Tractors


The Massey-Harris Co, took over the J.I. Case Plow Works of Racine, Wis. Operation of the newly purchased plant was continued. The acquisition of the Case business gave the Massey-Harris Co. a well-known line of farm implements including the Wallis tractor. By agreement between the Massey-Harris Co. and the J.I. Case Threshing Machine Co., Racine, Wis., the latter acquired the exclusive right to use the names "Case" and "J.I. Case" on farm equipment.
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Massey Harris 22
 Massey Ferguson Tractor
Massey Harris 22

Massey's 2 plow tractor offered in standard or row crop configurations

Massey Harris 55

Massey Harris 55
When Massey Harris released the M-H 55 in 1946 it was the biggest wheel tractor on the market. The tractor delivered nearly 60 horse power.. options included the choice of Gasoline or Diesel however in the nine years of production it was only offered in standard tread form.

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