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McCormick Harvesting Machine Co

International Harvester
The Worlds First Reaper Public Test
Cyrus Hall McCormick's Invention
Steeles Tavern, Virginia July 1831
In 1831 the then 22 year old Cyrus Hall McCormick demonstrated his first reaper. Cyrus slowly invented a reaper, modified it, corrected it, and in 1834 patented it. Shipping each $100 reaper to the West meant an additional $25 in freight so McCormick decided to move himself to Chicago in 1847. The next decade brought with it immense challenges including the large Chicago fire of 1871 that burned down McCormick' s factories and offices. McCormick was 62 at the time and tremendously wealthy. But instead of retiring he rebuilt. But the next ten years proved too much and McCormick died in 1884. He was succeeded by his son Cyrus Jr., who had already spent five years as his father' s secretary. Young Cyrus was 25 when he took over McCormick' s worldwide operations.
In 1873 a former dry-goods manufacturer and merchant by the name of William Deering arrived in Chicago and for the next six year McCormick battled Deering and other competitors for harvester and binder markets. By 1902 Deering Harvester was much more self-sufficient, it' s manufacturing more efficient. But the competitive battles during the past decade had led to overproduction. Hustling for every sale, its stock on hand far exceeded realistic needs. In 1902 $60 million changed hands and the company acquired the factories, warehouses, inventories and properties of Deering Harvester, McCormick Harvesting Machinery Co., and others. By 1906 the new conglomerate produced its first tractors.
left McCormick Deering W series Brochure One of the finest brochures covering the McCormick Dearing W4, W6, WD6 W9 and WD9 Standard Tractors. a real gem.
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McCormick Deering W series Brochure

McCormick Deering 10-20

International Harvester is born
The merger of McCormick and Deering in 1902 led to the production of Mogul and Titan tractors for respective dealers of each make. Those early tractors only shared International Harvester high manufacturing standards. Later after the release of the Farmall brand tractor they began sharing motors and more
models also have a mechanically similar sister model under the International brand designed for industrial or utility use.
McCormick Deering Tractors

McCormick Deering 10-20
McCormick Files

McCormick Deering

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Used Tractors
McCormick Reaper

In 1831, Cyrus McCormick drove this one horse contraption through a wheat field to cut the very first grain mechanically. He sold the first one in 1842 and began manufacturing them in Chicago in 1847 Under the name McCormick Harvesting Machinery Co The price was $120.00 and 2,000 had been sold by 1849. One man drove the horse While another raked the grain off in sheaves to be tied into bundles with some 'twisted strands of the, same grain stalks. Since before Christ, all grain had been planted by hand, cultivated with a hoe, cut with a scythe and threshed with a flail. This simple little implement would user a new era in farming,  


Farmall Regular

The first mass-produced row-crop farm tractor profoundly changed farm production and the implement industry. However, when the McCormick-Deering division of International Harvester rolled the first Farmall tractor out of the factory door, they did so reluctantly. International Harvester was hesitant about introducing the Farmall, fearing it would steal sales from the conventional 10-20. But once it was on the market it changed the American farming tractor and the farm tractor industry.
WD-6 Diesel

The International Harvester Company produced the McCormick-Deering WD-6 Diesel Tractor for fourteen years form 1940 until 1954. The McCormick-Deering WD-6 use the same gasoline starting system as the McCormick-Deering WD-40 which was introduced in 1934  

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