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The first two decades of the twentieth century have been called "the golden age" of American agriculture, a prolonged period in which the balance between price and production consistently favored the farmer. Incomes increased, living standards improved and farmers were willing and able to invest in the new machinery offered by manufacturers who seemed to have sprung up in every city, town and village in the agricultural heartland. This and other factors give farming tractors a deep rich heritage that cross many fields of history.

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Allis Chalmers Tractors
The Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co. was incorporated in 1913. The expansion of this company through the acquisition of eight manufacturing concerns, widened the scope of its business to embrace a diversified line of power machinery. Shortly after the beginning of World War I, this company began to manufacture farm tractors. In 1928 it took over the Monarch Tractor Co. incorporated in 1918) and has since manufactured the Monarch (a track-laying type) tractor under the name "Allis-Chalmers." When the Advance-Rumely Co. was acquired in 1931, an agricultural implement company long engaged in the manufacture of threshing machines and farm tractors was added.
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John Deere Tractors
Deere & Co., the largest manufacturer of steel plows, and the second largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the United States, bought the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Co. in 1918 and began to manufacture farm tractors. Deere & Co. had started to distribute tractors manufactured by the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Co. in 1914. In 1926 the name of the gasoline engine company was changed to John Deere Tractor Co. and became the property of Deere & Co. This tractor company was based on an organization originally established by John Deere in 1837.

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Case VAH Tractor J. I. Case Co., the third largest Tractor manufacturer in the United States, was incorporated in 1880 as the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co. In 1929 the name was changed to its present one. The business was originally established by Jerome I. Case in 1842. The J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co. was actively engaged in the building of steam tractors in the 1890's and was among the first to turn to the gasoline tractor. In 1912 the plant at Racine, Wis., was enlarged to permit starting tractor production purchasing engines from the Davis Motor Co., Milwaukee, Wis. In 1913 they started building their own engines. In 1919 the company merged with the Grand Detour Plow Co. and in 1928 the Case Co. purchased the implement plant of the Emerson-Framingham Corp. of Rockford, Ill. At this time the J. I. Case Plow Co. of Racine was taken over by the Massey-Harris Co. of Toronto. It sold the rights to use of the name "Case" and "J. I. Case" to the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co. of Racine.
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Ford Tractors

Two years after leaving the Ford Motor Company to pursue his tractor interest, Henry Ford incorporated his new Henry Ford & Son tractor company in 1917. Ford tested his competitor’s tractors on his family farm and then took them to his new Dearborn plant to be examined by his engineers. Ford wanted his tractors designed to be strong enough to support the entire machine without needing a separate frame. In December of the same year that Fords company was incorporated the company started production of the Fordson tractor.

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International Harvester Co
The International Harvester Co., which was the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the United States, originally incorporated in 1902 and began producing tractors in 1906. Its formation united McCormick Harvesting Machine Co and the Deering Harvester Co. , each a well established firm. The company maintained a dozen or more manufacturing plants in this country besides those in Canada and other countries. Tractors were being manufactured at plants located in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Rock Island.
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Massey Harris Tractor Co.

The Massey-Harris Co., an amalgamation in 1891 of the Massey and Harris Companies dating back to 1847,Canadian manufacturers of agricultural machinery and tractors, extended its holdings in this country through the purchase of the J. I. Case Plow Works at Racine, WI., in 1928. The J. I. Case Plow Works, incorporated in 1919, was a consolidation of the J. I. Case Plow Works Co. and the Wallis Tractor Co., both of Racine, WI. The plow company, established in 1876, engaged primarily in the manufacture of plows and tillage equipment; the Wallis Tractor Co. was organized in 1912 to manufacture farm tractors..
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Hart Parr Oliver Farm Equipment Co. The Oliver Farm Equipment Co., incorporated in 1929, acquired the business and property of six manufacturers to become a full line agricultural implement company. Chief among these were the Oliver Chilled Plow Works of South Bend, Ind., Nichols and Shepard of Battle Creek, Mich., and Hart-Parr Co. of Charles City, Iowa, and the American Seeding Machine Co. of Springfield, Ohio. When this consolidation was effected, efforts were concentrated on the well-known Hart-Parr tractor, and the Nichols and Shepard factory was converted into one handling harvesting and threshing machines only. The tractors were produced under the name of Oliver Hart-Parr. In 1944 the Cleveland Tractor Co. combined with the Oliver Farm Equipment Co. to form the Oliver Corp. and all of their equipment and tractors are produced under the name of Oliver.

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Minneapolis Moline Co.

In 1929 the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company, the Minneapolis Steel & Machinery Company (Twin-City tractors) and the Moline Plow Company merged to form the Minneapolis Moline Company . Both the Twin City and Minneapolis Moline name was used on tractors while production was streamlined. Minneapolis Moline itself becoming part of the White Corporation in 1963, joining Oliver and Cockshutt. In 1972 production was transferred from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Charles City, Iowa. By 1974 the Minneapolis Moline name had disappeared from tractors in favor of White.


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John Deere Industrial
This John Deere AI Industrial tractor is fitted with a third party crane produced by LaPlante-Choate. The LaPlante-Choate used a second power take-off shaft mounted off the belt pulley to operate the crane

Before hydraulic technology, construction equipment operated on mechanical transmission of energy principals in use for thousands of years.
John Deere 720
The John Deere 720achieved many records in the Deere line: It was the largest row-crop two-cylinder model built by John Deere ;the largest row-crop tractor tested at Nebraska; it provided more work per gallon of diesel fuel of any wheeled or crawler tractor tested up to that time; and the gas and LP-gas models were also the most powerful row-crops of their fuel type.  


The 3PT War
a $9.25 million dollar settlement agreement against Ford. Ford agreed to discontinue production of the hydraulic system using Ferguson's reservoir-side hydraulic pump by the end of the 1952 model year. 1953 saw the release of the Ford NA Ferguson, who had begun producing Ford 9N look-alikes that he marketed as Ferguson TE-20 and TO- 20 , suffered in the final settlement for his success. He had manufactured nearly 140,000 of the 9N clones without Ford's permissio  


After years of testing John Deere relaesed its first diesel tractor in 1949. The John Deere R was also the first Deere tractor with a live independent PTO with its own clutch, and it in turn drove the hydraulic pump. It was also the company's first to be offered with an all-steel cab option.

Total production over five and a half years was 21,294.

CASE 530
John Deere Tractors
Case 530
First announced in 1960 the Case 530 tractor "Standard Tread" was the base tractor of the extremely popular 530 Construction King. The tractor offered the advantages of the 530 Construction King for drawbar applications. It was a popular tractor for pulling rollers, tampers, scrapers, trailers, and similar Construction Equipment

1958 The John Deere 440 crawler becomes the first real industrail tractor . The Integral  +John Deere 831 Loader will become a popular loader option.

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