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Vickers Hydraulics
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Vickers Hydraulic Pumps

Harry Franklin Vickers (1898 - 1977) U.S. was an American inventor and industrialist recognized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as the "Father of Industrial Hydraulics". Vickers mechanical ability in combination with his electronic and engineering training formed the basis for his ability to invent, test and manufacture his early Vickers hydraulic pumps, which included the first hydraulic power steering system. He went on to invent numerous key components.
Vickers hydraulic Values and pumps were fundamental to the rapid growth of the hydraulic industry, including his most famous innovation, the balanced Vickers vane hydraulic pump. Vickers Inc. grew steadily, eventually moving its headquarters to Detroit to be closer to its major automotive and industrial customers.
Vickers Hydraulics
Char Lynn hydraulic pump
Vickers Hydraulic Pump


The Char Lynn company Early Hydraulic System pioneer

Char Lynn hydraulic pump enable you to equip all makes and models of tractors for any kind of Hydraulic attachment. Contains in one package not just one but two high pressure pumps plus filter and double control valves. Mounts at power takeoff. Enables tractors to pull and push as well as lift. Direct driven through flexible coupling. Mounting bracket kits available for most popular tractors.
The 1951 ad for the Char-Lynn a 3rd party manufacturer of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and hydraulic cylinders The two page ad ran in the 1951 issue of Implement and Tractor catalog. The catalog for dealers promoted it self as “The Complete Product Index for the Farm Equipment Industry” The Char-Lynn company is one of a small amount companies advertising their hydraulic products
Hydraulic Pump used for Power Steering

1953 Case released the Case 500 advertised as rhe first tractor to use hydraulic power steering, which made the tractor easier to handle in soft ground and on short turns. It took less effort to steer the 500 than many smaller tractors.

The Case 500 also offered

This versatile hydraulic Pump system adds much to the general usefulness of the Model "500" Case Diesel Tractor. Hydraulic power is instantly available whenever the engine is running, The hydraulic pump runs independent of traction clutch, gears or PTO clutch. Either one or two portable hydraulic cylinders can be operated at any time—together or separately—making the system readily adaptable to a wide range of possible hydraulic applications.

Vickers and the Hydraulic Revolution
By 1960 the Vickers Hydraulic Pump and the incredible amount of power and versatility offer from modern hydraulics would not only change the agriculture industry but nearly every industry would benefit from hydraulic technology .
Vickers Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Pump left By 1960 and large number of  companies had entered the hydraulic market The Char Lynn company promoted it's  Kontrol King Hydraulic Power Steering unit the fastest selling hydraulic equipment to hit the farm
                Live Hydraulics

The term "live" hydraulics, the word "live" meant that each of the hydraulic systems operated independently of the drive train and could be employed even while the tractor was not moving. In the case of power take-off, this meant that implements could be powered independently of the drive train. The importance of the “live feature was experienced first hand while brush cutting. The inertia created by rotary implement made traveling ten foot distance with the clutch disengaged and the brakes on a common occurrence on small tractors like the Ford 9N.

Vickers Pump
Hydraulic Pump Ad
By the early 60's Hydraulics where being used in transmission and to power machinery.

left 1960 issue of Implement and Tractor catalog The Char Lynn company leader in hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and  hydraulic cylinder. The ad claims a 576% increase in hydraulic  over the previous two yearrs

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International Harvester Farmall H

International Harvester Farmall H was the redesigned sequel to the Farmall F-20. The Farmall H had a new engine that used a water pump. The H was introduced the same year as the popular Farmall M and since both models shared the same frame, mounted farm implements were interchangeable.  


Farmall Cub 1947 - 1952
Despite International Harvester extensive line of tractors. the need for a row-crop tractor of less horsepower was addressed some what late. The success of the Allis Chalmers Tractor Model B and C emphasized this point, so in 1947 the company introduced the Farmall Cub
McCormick Deering

McCormick Deering 10-20 This was the International Tractor that followed the McCormick Deering Titan. It came out in 1923 and was discontinued in 1939. A total of 219,000 were made and the peak production year was 1929. It was slow and cumbersome, but was excellent for plowing as well as on the belt. It carried the same four cylinder engine as the "Regular Farmall" introduced that same Year by International Harvester Company. In 1923, the 10-20 was listed at $785; the 15-30 at $1250. By 1939, the 10-20 was listed at $950 with steel lugs, and $1158 with rubber tires.

Farmall Tractors
International Harvester Company built 135,000 regular Farmall Tractors between 1923 and 1932, when the name was changed to "F-20." (The F- 12 was also introduced in 1932 by IInternational Harvester and 132,000 F-12's were built between 1932 and 1938.)


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